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The following content applies to The Dash, The Dash Pro and The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey Hearing Technologies with BOS 3.2 or higher. The Mimi Defined™ technology is only compatible with Android 5.0 and above as well as iOS 10 and above. 


Music Personalization by Mimi Defined™ is capable to adapt the sound of The Dash to your individual hearing with a simple hearing assessment. This allows you to hear every detail of your favorite music like never before. It is a revitalization of your ears’ ability to experience the full variety and complex detail of sound.


Set up your unique hearing profile with the Bragi App

  1. Open the Bragi App.
  2. Connect The Dash to your phone via Bluetooth as explained in the Bragi App or here.
  3. Go to Sound and select Music Personalization.
  4. Then click Create Hearing Profile and follow the step-by-step guidance in the app.



Refresh and improve the accuracy of your hearing profile

Everybody hears sound differently and your hearing even changes over the course of your life. To improve its accuracy, we recommend to refresh your hearing profile every 6 months.


Upload an existing hearing profile to The Dash

If you have already created and saved a hearing profile using another application by Mimi Hearing Technologies, you can upload it directly to The Dash. 

  1. Go to the Music Personalization screen.
  2. Click Load Profile.*

*You need to log in to your Mimi account to do this.


Reset your hearing profile

Should you wish to delete your hearing profile you can do this from the View Profile section. 
This will delete the hearing profile stored on The Dash. 


How does Mimi Defined™ work?

Mimi Defined™ is fed with data from The Mimi Hearing Test™, which is based on the same technology that powers Mimi' s award-winning hearing apps (medical device class 1 - CE). Mimi Defined™ calculates your average hearing setting, based on your age as well as the anonymized data from over half a million Mimi Hearing Tests.

The actual personalization follows a six-minute hearing test that separately analyzes your hearing ability in each ear, at different frequencies, to create your unique Mimi hearing profile. With Mimi Defined™ The Dash enables you to experience your favorite music the best way possible.

For further questions about Mimi Defined™, you can visit Mimi´s FAQ page here.

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