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Unfortunately sometimes not everything is working as intended. Especially when it comes to technology. The same applies for payment methods. A checklist to prevent the most common problems is stated below. Please make sure that:

  • you are using either Visa, Master or American Express (AMEX).
  • your accounts are covered with your ordering amount (when purchasing pre-orders using a credit card in our store, we will pre-authorize your purchase, meaning that it will appear that you’ve been charged for your title, while the full purchase amount won’t actually be processed until the shipping date. The full amount is usually put into a holding queue by your bank, which should be released after approximately 5-10 days. Be sure to check your full-statement following your pre-order to see if your bank has charged and/or released these holding funds).
  • you entered the correct credit card information, including the credit card number, expiry date and CVV code.
  • you use a browser which is up-to-date and that Cookies & Java script are enabled.
  • your bank allows this amount for international transactions and the number of allowed international transactions for your credit card is not exceeded.
  • depending on your credit card issuer, the billings address needs to match card holder address.
  • depending on your credit card issuer, the billing and shipping address of the original order need to be identical (otherwise the Address Verification might find the risk too high to allow the pre-authorization).
  • you do not use the automatic filling function in your browser.
  • you`re not using any kind of proxy add-on System. 
  • the limit on your credit card is at least as high as the purchase amount.
  • the expiry month of your card is correct.

Please note: If the authorization is still not working, please contact your credit card issuer for advice and specifically authorize these international transactions.

If you have tried the above and you still experience issues with your payment, please contact our customer support.

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