Store - Order Confirmation

After completing your order you will receive an automated notification email from our system regarding your order details.

The notification email only confirms our receipt of your order. This email does not constitute our acceptance of your offer to execute a binding purchase contract regarding the items ordered by you.

This usually happens within the first hours. However, it may take several hours until you receive the notification email. Please also make sure that it could have been sent to your spam folder.

Your credit card is authorized at checkout. If the authorization is successful the transaction will be passed through a fraud and ID theft security system. Once the transaction is approved you will receive an order confirmation email, otherwise a cancellation email will be sent out.

You can find information about the here for Europe, Rest of World and United States.


Did not get a confirmation mail? 

If you have not receive a confirmation email after several hours and after checking your spam box, please contact us. We will look into your order manually to assure you that everything is going fine with your order.

Please make sure to state the following details:

  • Name you ordered with.
  • Email address you used to order.
  • Date your order was placed.
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