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Our aim at BRAGI is to make your experience with THE DASH as perfect as possible. If you have any issues with the product delivered to you, we would love to help you individually. Please contact for that purpose.

In case you still need to return THE DASH to have it repaired or replaced or because you are not fully satisfied, here are your options:

 [disclaimer: please note that only the applicable T&C and the prevailing law are legally binding]



You may cancel your order at any time BEFORE you receive an order-confirmation. Past this point it is no longer possible.


Returns within 14 days of delivery

You may withdraw from your contract with BRAGI within 14 days from the date of delivery, to get a refund. For specifics please refer to this page.


Bragi Limited Warranty

Your DASH also comes with a ONE-YEAR Limited Warranty. The terms of this voluntary manufacturer’s warranty are determined exclusively by the applicable ‘Warranty Information’ documents which may differ by country. As Bragi products are worn in the ear, they do require regular cleaning and some routine maintenance. 

Generally, to obtain any warranty service, please contact us ( for shipping instructions and a tracking number.

Please also note that the ONE-YEAR Limited Warranty does not apply to accessories, such as FitSleeves, as well as alterations due to normal wear and tear, or any other damages caused solely by the customer. In particular, Bragi is not responsible for damage arising from failure to follow instructions relating to the use of the Product(s).

For accessories, we are offering a separate, 14-days limited warranty.


Customer Rights according to the applicable law

The additional BRAGI Limited Warranty does not affect any of your legal rights, which differ by country and may exceed the Warranty.


Please also contact for more information.



For more detailed information, have a look at our Terms & Conditions

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