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You accidentally mistyped your shipping address and only realized it after submitting your order?


As soon as you realize that you have made a mistake please contact us via our request form providing your order number and the changes that have to be made. If you are in USA, you are able to use UPS my choice to change the address by yourself.

We will try our best to contact our logistic partner and solve your issue. However please consider that after submitting an order the purchase process will move on to the next step. The data will be transferred immediately to UPS. Once that happened we cannot change the address anymore and have to stop the delivery. 

Can I update my order details?

As stated above once you submitted your order the data will be transferred to our logistic partner and the purchase process is finished from our point of view. Nevertheless, we still want to help you to solve your issue. So please contact us as fast as possible via our request form.

Please make sure to provide the following details:

  • Name you ordered with.
  • Email address you used to order.
  • Date your order was placed.
  • Order number.
  • Tracking number (if already received).
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