FAQ - How can I use The Right Dash independently?

Whether you are on a phone call or simply want to listen to music, The Right Dash can be used as a standalone device. To use The Right Dash independently, follow these steps:

  1. Insert only The Right Dash in your ear, leaving The Left Dash in the charger.
  2. 2 x Tap the EarTouch interface on The Right Dash to enable standalone usage. Please note that the Taps are not accompanied by Tap sounds.

In the standalone mode it is possible to access the Internal Music Player, pair and connect with your smartphone, computer or tablet to stream music or to use The Dash as a Bluetooth headset.

When using The Right Dash independently, Audio Transparency and the Activity Tracker are no longer available and the audio will only be played in mono. 

The controls on the EarTouch interface remain unchanged and should you wish to return to the full functionality of The Dash you can insert The Left Dash into your ear at any time. The connection between The Left and Right Dash will be established automatically.



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