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The following content applies to The Dash, The Dash Pro and The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey Hearing Technologies running on Bragi OS 3.1 or higher.




With BOS 3.1 The Dash is enabled to use Amazon Alexa. You can talk to Amazon Alexa on The Dash and ask to play music, hear the news, check the weather, control smart home devices and more.


Here´s what you need

  • The Dash with BOS 3.1 or above
  • The Bragi App with 3.1 or above
  • The OS of your smartphone must be at least iOS 10 or Android 7.0
  • Amazon account (preferably with Amazon Music and/or Amazon Prime to experience Alexa to a full extent)
  • A stable internet connection, preferably a Wifi connection


Enable Alexa as your voice assistant

  1. Connect to The Dash ## in the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone.
  2. Search and connect The Dash ##X to the Bragi App.
  3. In the Bragi App, open Settings and choose Amazon Alexa.
  4. Choose Sign in with Amazon and follow the instructions.
  5. Once logged in, allow the use of the microphone.


Activate Alexa 

Activate Alexa in one of the following ways:

  • Connect to the Bragi App. A connection is necessary for Alexa to work.
  • Hold (1 sec) on the right side to open Alexa.
  • Open the Virtual 4D Menu and select Assistant.
  • Set Alexa as your Shortcut in the controls section


In the conversation 

  • Interrupt Alexa while speaking, with a Tap on The Right Dash.
  • Cancel your conversation with Alexa with a Hold on The Right Dash.
    or by shaking your head.
  • While speaking to Alexa you can force to send a command with a Tap on The Right Dash. That way your request will be sent immediately.


Control Alexa with The Dash

You can use the touch gestures of The Dash to control the music you are playing via Amazon Alexa. 


Language of Alexa

The language of Alexa is set to the one of your smartphone. Learn more about changing the language of Alexa here.


Region & availability

Amazon Alexa for The Dash can be used in English (US), English (UK) and German. The following services are supported by Alexa on The Dash:

  • Kindle Books,
  • Audible
  • Amazon Music Library
  • Amazon Prime Music

Learn more about Amazon Alexa and its capabilities here. 

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