The Dash Pro - Using The Slide correctly

Using The Slide

The Slide fits over The Charger and helps retain The Dash Pro while you are charging on the go. It is important that The Slide is installed correctly in order to avoid damaging either the device or the charger itself. Always make sure there is no resistance and The Dash Pro does not move when placing the charger inside The Slide.



To make sure that both The Dash Pro and The Dash Pro Charger keep working as long as possible, it is necessary to use The Slide correctly. That way you can avoid the golden charging pins from dislocating and ultimately not charging the device anymore. 

  1. Place The Dash Pro in The Dash Pro Charger and make sure it sits correctly on The MagSnap. You will know they are seated correctly when the LED LightGuide on The Dash Pro starts breathing simultaneously (slow regular pulsation) to indicate the current battery status when charging. This usually takes up to 10 seconds to occur. 
    If the LED LightGuide does not start to breathe on one of the devices, remove The Dash Pro from the charging unit and re-seat them.
    Tip: Most often, it works best to drop the device into the charger from a short distance and allow them to position themselves.

  2. Align The Slide with the right side of The Dash Pro Charger (opposite of USB connection) so that the slot in The Slide is over the devices. That way you can still see The Dash Pro breathing even when covered.

  3. Slowly move The Slide to the left making sure that it does not interfere with The Dash Pro until it completely covers The Dash Pro Charger. Whenever you feel any resistance, stop the process and start over again. 



  1. While holding The Slide push on the side of the charger until it begins to move.

  2. Grasp the charger and carefully finish removing The Slide.

  3. If The Slide becomes stuck, it is possible that The Dash Pro has come off of the MagSnap connector. Do not forcibly remove The Slide. To realign The Dash Pro with the MagSnap connector, tap the charger lightly until it is possible to remove The Slide.
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