The Dash Pro - Bragi OS

Bragi OS is the most powerful operating system for Hearables. Bragi OS is what makes The Dash Pro a living product. Every feature of The Dash Pro is built upon the Bragi OS and enables you to have a personal interaction with your device. Regular updates continuously introduce new features and improvements. 

An overview of the single features of Bragi OS and how they work can be found here.


Update The Dash Pro

Bragi OS is an operating system that is continuously being improved. With continuous updates, it is not only the stability that is optimized but also further features are introduced. With The Bragi Updater, you can always keep The Dash Pro on the latest version of Bragi OS. The most current one is Bragi OS 3.2.




Bragi OS 3.2

Here is an overview of features that our latest release, Bragi OS 3.2 included:


Bragi OS 3.1

Here is an overview of features that Bragi OS 3.1 include:

  • Amazon Alexa integration
  • Detailed battery status is shown on an external device


Bragi OS 3.0

Here is an overview of features that Bragi OS 3.0 include:

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