The Dash Pro - Track your Activities

The Dash Pro is your perfect and discrete companion for your activities providing a variety of useful features to help you enable your full potential. Below we are providing a quick summary of the activity related features.ear_activity_livefb_2x.png

The Activity Tracker

The Activity Tracker is your personal sports assistant. With built-in sensors, The Dash Pro is able to measure your body vitals and track them throughout your workout.


Activity Feedback

The Dash Pro is able to give you detailed feedback on your performance when Running, Swimming and Cycling. There are different types of feedback that is triggered as described here


Auto Tracking

The Dash Pro is able to recognize the activity you perform without any input from your side. Simply start your workout and The Dash Pro will keep up with your pace. Here you can find more information about how auto tracking works.


Manage your Activities

The Bragi App offers you to manage your tracking data. That way you have all of your activities that were tracked with The Dash Pro summarized within one place even without being connected to the Bragi App during your workout. 

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