The Dash Pro - Kinetic User Interface

The Bragi Kinetic User Interface (KUI) is a technology that turns your body and movements into the interface for operating Bragi products. You can check out all the possibilities within the Bragi App under Controls.


Head Gestures

Use head gestures to control The Dash Pro in a faster and more intuitive way. More details can be found in the Head Gestures article here.


Virtual 4D Menu

Since Bragi OS 3.0 the Virtual 4D Menu offers you the possibility to trigger different features on The Dash Pro without even touching it. With this feature you can move your head in specific directions to get an activity report or play/pause your current track, for instance. 



Shortcut recognizes a double tap on your cheek, allowing you to interact with The Dash Pro without even touching it. This can be very useful while running or just while wearing a beanie. More details can be found here.



Body Movement

Bragi OS 3.0 presented a functionality called Auto Tracking which automatically understands when an activity was started. With the help of Auto Tracking The Dash Pro realizes when a specific activity was started and starts tracking your data. You can find more information about Auto Tracking here.

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