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You can download a PDF version of the The QuickStart manual here.

From the very first time you insert The Dash Pro into your ears you will get acquainted with its voice guide and acoustic sound icons. In addition to introducing you to the EarTouch interface and touch controls The Dash Pro will continue to give you notifications when you interact with it. 


Charge and Activate The Dash Pro

To activate your device there are a few steps that are necessary in order to enjoy The Dash Pro to its full extent. Out of the box, The Dash Pro will have some charge, however, it is recommended that you fully charge The Dash Pro prior to first use. The battery is fully charged when the breathing is blue.

  1. Activate The Dash Pro by placing it into The Dash Pro Charger.
  2. Update The Dash Pro by using the Bragi Updater.
  3. Download the Bragi App on your phone to be able to use all of the device´s features.


Insert The Dash Pro

  1. Tilt The Dash Pro slightly forward and insert the speaker tip into your ear.
  2. Adjust the fit by rotating The Dash Pro backwards until you feel a comfortable and secure fit.
  3. With the PerfectFit you should feel the Dash Pro completely sealing your ear canal.
  4. To reach the PerfectFit it might be necessary to try out different sizes of FitSleeves or FitTips Pro as described here.


The EarTouch Interface

The Dash Pro offers multiple possibilities to communicate. The EarTouch interface is the most important one. By varying the combinations of Tap, Hold and Swipe you can perfectly control The Dash Pro. You can find an overview of how to control The Dash Pro here.


Connect via Bluetooth

To use The Dash Pro with an external device, a stable Bluetooth connection is necessary. You can make The Dash Pro visible for external devices by performing a Long Hold on The Right Dash Pro. Afterwards, you can use the Bragi App to check out further features of The Dash Pro.

For further information on how to pair The Dash Pro with an external device, click here.


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