The Dash Pro - The Bragi App

The Bragi App was introduced to support you when using The Dash Pro. It is unique to introduce you to the single features of The Dash Pro. It leads you through the single steps of using The Dash Pro for the first time and also lets you individualize The Dash Pro on many levels.



You are able to set more specific settings within the app as for example you are able to choose which performance tracking you would like to use and get performance evaluations using The Dash Pro activities. For more information on what possibilities the Bragi App offers you, you can click here


Get Support

Besides from using the Bragi App as a remote control, it is a tremendously easy to keep in touch with Customer Support. After having downloaded the application, you will be asked to register. In that case, our Customer Support is happy to assist you with any questions you might have during the activation process.



Of course we also plan to steadily introduce more functionalities for our service which is why the use of the app is also of big help to keep in constant contact and keep you updated.



Download the Bragi App for iOS Devices.

Download the Bragi App for Android Devices.


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