The Dash - Usage in Water


The Dash is designed to be waterproof and can withstand being fully submerged in water down to a depth of 1 meter. 

Please note, that sweat as well as different water environments, especially swimming pools, may contain chemicals that with sustained exposure may be damaging to The Dash if not cared for afterwards. To prevent damaging The Dash on a long-term basis, it is strongly recommended to clean and dry The Dash properly when it has been exposed to water and sweat. The Dash is rated water and sweat resistant at IPX7.

With extensive use of The Dash for swimming, water sports and other activities that involve water, the following guidelines should be upheld ensure long-term functionality and avoid any damage.

  • The Dash is waterproof down to 1m/3ft. Don't go deeper than 1m/3ft beneath the water surface as the water pressure may damage The Dash. Keep in mind that while The Dash is made for swimming purposes, it is not suitable for diving.

  • Swimming pools that are enriched with heavy chemicals can ultimately lead to damaging The Dash from the inside

  • Do not let The Dash get in touch with Shampoo/Shower Gel or other cleaning products since they might hurt the more sensitive materials used within the device.

  • Don't put The Dash in The Dash Charger while it's still wet or moist. Doing so can cause severe damage to the electronics or housing of The Dash.

  • The Dash Charger is not waterproof and should be treated as such. Any contact with water may cause serious damage.
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