The Dash - Handle Phone Calls

The Dash works as a Bluetooth headset and enables you to handle phone calls using simple touch gestures on The Right EarTouch interface, or the corresponding head gestures. The revolutionary combination of ambient and the EarBone microphone provides you with crystal clear sound quality during a phone call. To use The Dash for handling your phone calls, simply connect to your phone via Bluetooth.


Answer or reject a call

  • Accept and answer an incoming call by nodding your head or with a Tap.
  • Reject an incoming with by shaking your head* or with a Hold (1sec).

When The Dash and phone are connected via Bluetooth you can answer an incoming call directly by inserting The Dash into your ears. As soon as the Bluetooth connection is re-established on insertion the call will automatically be answered.


Adjust the volume of the call

In an ongoing call you can use swipe gestures on The Right Dash to adjust the volume of the call.

  • Swipe forwards to turn the phone volume up. 
  • Swipe backwards to turn the phone volume down.

Please note, that the volume of your phone might not be synced with that of The Dash . Learn more in detail about mastering the volume on The Dash.


End a call

  • End an ongoing call with a Hold (1sec). The Dash will notify you when the call has ended.
  • After ending a call, The Dash will automatically resume what you were doing before the call.


Standalone Mode

You are also able to use The Right Dash as a standalone device. This is also applicable for phone calls, if you feel like just using The Right Dash. Besides that you can learn more about further possibilities to control The Dash´s EarTouch interface.


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