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The following content applies to The Dash, The Dash Pro and The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey Hearing Technologies running on Bragi OS 3.0 or higher.


Shortcut is a combination which lets you access different functionalities when triggered. One of those functionality is voice control of your phone if paired. Within the Bragi App, you can choose voice control to trigger accordingly when using Shortcut.



Shortcut recognizes a Double Tap on your right cheek, allowing you to interact with The Dash without even touching it. This can be very useful while running or just while wearing a beanie.

According to what you choose within the Bragi App, Shortcut lets you trigger one out of three functions. Either you activate voice control on your phone or you skip the current song or you play/pause the current song being played.controls_shortcut_2x.png

How to enable/disable Shortcut

Make sure you have updated The Dash to the newest software version.

  1. To improve your experience, make sure you have inserted The Dash with a PerfectFit.
  2. Go to the Bragi App and run the calibration of The Dash .
  3. Enable or disable Shortcut in the Controls section within Bragi App.


How to activate Shortcut

Shortcut recognizes double taps in the triangle area between The Dash, your zygomatic bone and your mandible. Use two fingers to tap your right cheek.

To reach the optimal performance you need to calibrate your Dash and use the FitSleeves or FitTips Pro that give you a PerfectFit. Learn more in detail about PerfectFit in the About your product section.

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