Bragi OS - Master Volume

The following content applies to The Dash, The Dash Pro and The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey Hearing Technologies running on Bragi OS 3.0 or higher.

The master volume is controlled on The Right Dash. It regulates the relative volume of music playback, voice prompts, sound icons and Audio Transparency. 


Change the master volume

  1. Swipe forward to turn the master volume up.
  2. Swipe backwards to turn the master volume down.brg_170511_usermanual_graphics_Swipe.png

The Dash master volume & External Devices

The Dash is an »active« audio system which includes the volume being adjusted by two different volume scales. An active audio system includes amplifying audio signals itself rather than just using the volume level of a connected external device. That enables you to also adjust the volume when using the Internal Music Player.

Some devices do not support volume synchronization. In those cases, it is necessary to adjust volume independently on both your connected device and on The Dash. When using these devices we recommend to setting the phone volume to maximum so you have the freedom to adjust the full possible volume range directly via The Dash.brg_170511_usermanual_graphics_Volume.png


Safe Volume Level

The safe level for prolonged listening depends on many factors, including external device settings, but also how the music material was recorded and compressed. The sound settings were engineered following the safety standards from European Union.

That is why a safe volume level was implemented that can be exceeded. To prevent you from long-term hearing damage the volume level will be reset to below the safe level when putting The Dash back into the charger.

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