The Dash Pro - The Dash Pro Charger & Battery


You can charge The Dash Pro by placing it in The Dash Pro Charger either while The Dash Pro Charger being connected to a power source or while on the go. You can power up The Dash Pro Charger by connecting it to a power source using the provided USB to Micro USB Cable. A full charge of The Dash Pro Charger takes up to 90 minutes.


If you want to carry around The Dash Pro while being charged, it is suggested to use The Slide to protect the device. It is important to use The Slide correctly so damages on the charger or the device can be avoided. You can find out more about how to use The Slide correctly here.



Charge The Dash Pro

The Dash Pro is best charged when seated correctly in The Dash Pro Charger and connected via USB to a power source such as a wall charger, USB ports on your computer etc. 

  1. Place the device in The Dash Pro Charger and make sure it sits correctly on the MagSnap. Make sure not to cover the golden charging pins e.g. with the FitSleeves.

  2. Connect The Dash Pro Charger to a power source using the USB cable. After a few minutes, The Dash Pro Charger LED next to the USB connection should be lit.

  3. The LED LightGuide on The Dash Pro will start breathing (a slow regular pulsation) to indicate the current battery status when charging.charging_status_dash_2x.png



Please note that non-compliant USB charging adapters might not work as expected when charging The Dash Pro. If the computer's power state changes, the charging process may be interrupted or The Dash Pro may be reset.


Expected battery performance

The battery lifetime of The Dash Pro, when fully charged, may slightly vary depending on different use cases.

  • Play time: Up to 5 hours

  • Charging time: up to 90 minutes

Please note that external factors like the outside temperature also have an impact on the battery and can lead to slightly longer or shorter run time. 


Charge on the go 

The Dash Pro Charger will fully recharge The Dash Pro up to 5 times. To check The Dash Pro Charger´s battery state, you can check the charger´s LED (next to the USB connection).


Shipping Mode

When The Dash Pro is not in use for a longer period of time, you can save some battery by putting The Dash Pro into shipping mode. This almost completely powers down The Dash Pro which may be useful if you plan to not use The Dash Pro for some time.


You put The Dash Pro into shipping mode by following these steps:

  1. Place the device in The Dash Pro Charger and make sure it sits on the MagSnap.
  2. Press and hold the pinhole button until you see a sequence of 3 red flashes, 1 green flash and 1 red flash on The Dash Pro Charger LED.
  3. The Dash Pro is now in shipping mode.

When The Dash Pro is in shipping mode you need to re-activate it by connecting The Dash Pro Charger including The Dash Pro to a power source via USB when you like to use it again.


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