Bragi OS - Audio Streaming

The following content applies to The Dash, The Dash Pro and The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey Hearing Technologies running on Bragi OS 3.0 or higher.


To use The Dash for playing audio from a device, a solid Bluetooth connection is necessary first. That way the music can be streamed fluently from this external device. You can learn more about connecting The Dash for audio streaming here.


Control your Music

To control music playback on your device, you can use these gestures on The Right Dash: 

  • Tap to play and pause
  • 2 x tap to skip to next song
  • 3 x tap to skip to previous song
  • Swipe forward to turn volume up
  • Swipe backward to turn volume down

Please keep in mind that fast-forward and rewind are not available when streaming from an external device. More information about how to control your music via the EarTouch interface can be found here.


Customized Touch Controls

Extended standard touch interface controls with additional functionality. This gives you a quicker way to pause your music and switch Audio Transparency on when you want communicate with people around you. 

  • Turn Audio Transparency on when I pause a song
  • Turn Audio Transparency off when I start playing a song 


Listening to Music

Removing The Dash from your ears will automatically pause the music playback. As you re-insert The Dash into your ears the music playback will resume once it reconnects with your device.

For some devices you may be required to resume the music playback manually with a single tap. 

If you are connecting The Dash to a device for the first time, they need to pair via Bluetooth at first. After the initial pairing, your device will remember The Dash for the next time. (When you insert The Dash into your ears it will always search for previously paired devices close-by and try to re-connect automatically for your convenience.) 

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