Bragi OS - Save, Review & Delete Activities

The following content applies to The Dash, The Dash Pro and The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey Hearing Technologies running on Bragi OS 3.0 or higher.


The Bragi App offers you to save, review and delete your tracking data. That way you have all of your activities that were tracked with The Dash summarized within one place. 

Live Stats & Synchronization

To see your tracking data for any activity live in the app, The Dash must be securely bonded and connected with the Bragi App. Additionally, The Dash offers an offline storage & data transfer which lets you synchronize your data even without using the Bragi App during your activity. Simply pair The Dash with your phone to synchronize your activities with the Bragi App and save them there.



Check out the Activity Feedback to find out which feedback can be expected when.


Transfer data to the Bragi App

The Dash is able to save your activities and transfer them to Bragi App afterwards. That way it is not necessary to pair The Dash with the Bragi App before ending your activity.

Your activity data saved on The Dash will be transferred as soon as you pair The Dash to the Bragi App. There are no limitations regarding the number of activities that are saved on The Dash until you pair it with the Bragi App. However, we recommend to pair The Dash with the Bragi App every now and then to avoid synchronizing irregularities.

When connecting The Dash to the Bragi App during an activity, the app will show the activity feedback of your current activity.


Review last session and tracking history

Your tracking history can be reviewed at any point in time on the Bragi App. To review your last activity session or get an overview of your complete tracking history, please follow the steps below:

  1. In the Bragi App, open the »Activity« tab.
  2. Choose »Review« at the bottom to access your complete tracking history.
  3. Each saved session is identified by an icon reflecting the activity, the duration and the date it was recorded. 
  4. Now, simply tap on the session you want to review.



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