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The following content applies to The Dash, The Dash Pro and The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey Hearing Technologies running on Bragi OS 3.0 or higher.01.png


Voice Feedback

Currently The Dash has preset activities for Running, Cycling and Swimming. When you use The Dash for any of these activities you get live data from The Dash updating you on your performance. The Dash gives you different types of audible activity feedback that can be triggered as described below:

  • Automated voice feedback:

Every 5 minutes after beginning an activity, The Dash will automatically provide you with feedback on your recent performance reflecting the last 5 minute interval of your workout.

  • User-initiated voice feedback:

At any point in time during an activity you can request an activity report on your current performance. This feedback will provide the live data of your performance to you. It can be triggered with a Double Tap on The Left Dash, Left Menu or 4D Virtual Menu.

  • Feedback after finishing an activity:

When you finish an activity on The Dash, it will automatically give you a summarized report on your entire activity.


Visual Feedback in The Bragi App

In addition to the Voice Feedback your current vital values are displayed in the Bragi App as well.


  • During the Activity

The displayed values will update continuously on the fly showing you your current vital values.

  • After the Activity

Once you ended the activity you'll get a visual summary of your completed workout.


Please note that some data sets are live data streams only, and will therefore not be visible upon reviewing each tracking session. The visual feedback in the Bragi App is based on the sensor data from your device. In some cases there may be a slight mismatch between the values read to you by The Dash and what you see on the display. This is simply due to the timing of data packages sent to the app.


On The Dash


Within the Bragi App



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