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The following content applies to The Dash, The Dash Pro and The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey Hearing Technologies running on Bragi OS 3.0 or higher.



The Dash is now able to interact with 3rd party apps other than using its sensors. The first ever introduced app that partners with Bragi is iTranslate. Together with iTranslate, The Dash enables you to read, write and speak in more than 40 languages anywhere in the world.




Before starting

Before starting to use iTranslate with The Dash, make sure you have the latest versions of iTranslate and the Bragi App. Afterwards, please connect The Dash to your external device, as explained here


Connect iTranslate with The Dash

To be able to use The Dash, you will need to connect it with the iTranslate app. Here are the steps to follow after you have connected The Dash to your external device via its Bluetooth settings:

  1. Open iTranslate and press the little Bluetooth symbol down in the left corner of the app and tap on »Connect now«.
  2. You will be forwarded to the Bragi App which is already searching for your device. Select The Dash to get further.
  3. Afterwards, the Bragi App will validate the connection between The Dash & iTranslate for a few seconds. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  4. When finished, you will be redirected to iTranslate automatically. iTranslate is now connecting The Dash automatically (approx.5 seconds).

If you experience trouble connecting with iTranslate, please once again make sure you have the latest version of both applications.


What´s possible with iTranslate

iTranslate is an application that translates a text from one language to another. To use iTranslate to the full extent, you have the option to upgrade to iTranslate Pro.
More information can be found here.

With iTranslate Pro, you can enjoy the following features:


Voice Modes

The Dash enables you to use different Voice Modes in a simplified way.

Single Device Mode

Everything you say will be output through the phone and everything said in return will be transferred to The Dash. Using The Dash together with your phone allows you to seamlessly get in contact with others without any boundaries.

AirTranslate Mode 

AirTranslate Mode allows two people to seamlessly communicate through their own language and device. The Dash acts as an input source while the app on your phone forwards the translation to the opposite´s Dash, which then acts as an output source. 

Note: Make sure that you first select the input (your language) and the output (the language that gets translated) before you connect The Dash to iTranslate. 

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