The Dash Pro - Audio Transparency & Windshield

Audio Transparency lets you amplify the sounds of your ambient environment. It enables you to hear what is going on around you as well as engaging in a conversation without having to remove The Dash Pro from your ears. Audio Transparency can be controlled on The Left Dash Pro by swiping forward or backwards.


Adjust Audio Transparency

Use the EarTouch interface on The Left Dash Pro to control Audio Transparency:

  1. Swipe forward to turn the Audio Transparency on.
  2. Swipe backward to turn the Audio Transparency off.

Audio Transparency can also be toggled from the Bragi App.


The level of Audio Transparency is partially dependent on the master volume level of The Dash Pro. At »safe limit« or below, the volume level of Audio Transparency is fixed. Each additional Swipe to increase the volume will significantly increase the effect of Audio Transparency.


Responsible use of Audio Transparency

We highly recommend to consider the situation in which you use Audio Transparency. Keep the volume at a level where you can still hear your ambient environment and pay attention to your surroundings, e.g. when riding your bike in heavy traffic.

WindShield windshield_2x.png

Hear your surroundings, but block out the wind! WindShield dynamically makes adjustments in order to reduce wind noise when e.g. riding your bike.

Use the EarTouch interface on The Left Dash Pro to enable WindShield:

  1. Swipe forward to turn Audio Transparency on.
  2. Swipe forward once more to enable WindShield.

Both Audio Transparency and WindShield can be turned off with one swipe backwards.

Windshield is designed to reduce noises in steady wind during traveling speed between 15-30 km/h (9-18 mph). It might be less effective when exposed to sudden wind blow or chaotic turbulence.

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