Bragi OS - Calibration

The following content applies to The Dash, The Dash Pro and The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey Hearing Technologies running on Bragi OS 3.0 or higher.

To make your experience truly personal and customized for your ears, you can calibrate The Dash. This will improve the accuracy of the sensors as well as the sensitivity of your head gestures. So follow the steps below and unlock the full potential of The Dash.


Start calibration from the Bragi App

Download and install the Bragi App.

In case you are using features that require calibration and The Dash is not yet calibrated, the Bragi App will ask you to calibrate.

  1. The Bragi App notifies you that a calibration is required.
  2. Tap on the tick button in the application to start the calibration.

After a successful calibration your head nods and shakes will be recognized automatically, you can try it out yourself right after.

During an ongoing activity, calibration can't be started. Please stop your current activity to enable calibration via the settings in the Bragi App.

During calibration The Dash will be paying attention to your head movements so make sure to follow the instructions carefully. A successful calibration is always confirmed by The Dash, in case your head is moving during calibration The Dash will restart this step of the calibration.


Two-step calibration 

  1. Once the calibration is started (Initial Calibration or through the App) follow the instructions read to you by The Dash:
    1. Hold your head straight until The Dash tells you to stop.
    2. Keep your ears level and look up until The Dash tells you to stop.
  2. You will get a confirmation that the calibration is finished.

Once the calibration has been successfully completed you can now utilize all KUI related features.


Reset and re-calibrate The Dash

You can reset your saved calibration at any time with the help of The Bragi App, also when the previous calibration failed.
This can be useful in case you are changing to a different size of FitSleeves or FitTips Pro or just want your friends to try The Dash .  

  1. Insert The Dash.
  2. Connect The Dash to the Bragi App. See how that is done here.
  3. Select Settings > Calibration > Reset
  4. Put your phone away for a moment and follow the steps as seen above.

After completing the calibration the sensor measurements during activity tracking are improved as well as the sensitivity of head gestures and body movement controls and the 4D Virtual Menu. Please consider that all KUI related features require a successful calibration.

During this two-step process the relative position between your left and right ear is analyzed and calibrated accordingly.

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