The Headphone - Getting Started

This is The Headphone!

A revolutionary new listening experience from Bragi. Let's get started!



How to pair with a new device

To pair and connect with a new device the Headphone must be OFF.

  1. Before you turn The Headphone ON make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. (check your phones Bluetooth settings)
  2. To start pairing, hold the  for 3 sec until you see the right LED blinking and/or you hear the pairing-sound.
  3. Your Headphone will now be visible as "BRAGI HP ##" in your phones Bluetooth devices list.
  4. Select The Headphone and wait until the connection has been established. Depending on the device you want to connect, the pairing process can take several seconds.
  5. When successfully connected, the Right LED will turn OFF and/or you will hear a confirmation-sound on the Headphone.*

Your headphone can remember up to 4 different paired devices. Learn more in detail about managing paired devices.

*If no connection is established within 2 minutes, the Headphone will automatically power off to save power



Play your favorite songs

Once an external device is connected to The Headphone, you can control audio playback (pause, play, previous and next song), as well as adjust the volume, with the buttons on The Headphone.

  • Play & Pause with a Press on 
  • Skip to next song with a Double Press on 
  • Skip to previous song with a Triple Press on  
  • Increase Volume with a Press on  (button at front of interface when in your ear)
  • Decrease Volume with a Press on  (button at back of interface when in your ear)


Experience full audible freedom with Audio Transparency

If you want to hear what’s going on around you while still listening to your favorite song, The Headphone has audio transparency

  1. To turn Audio Transparency ON, hold the  button for 1 sec until your hear the activation sound.
  2. To turn Audio Transparency OFF, hold the  button for 1 sec until you hear the deactivation sound.


Finished? Remember to turn it off

Once finished, remember to turn your Headphone off to ensure even more wireless freedom for another day.

Should you forget, by connecting the Carry Case to power will automatically turn The Headphone off.


Dive further into the articles on this page to discover/uncover all the features and functionality of The Headphone.


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