The Headphone - How do I extend the battery time?

How to turn off your Headphone:

  • HOLD the  button for 3 seconds until you hear the power-down sound and/or see the Right Headphone LED blink 4 times (see below).
    Please Note: when you start to HOLD the  button, you will first hear the voice-activation sound (after 1 second) – keep holding for 2 more seconds to turn The Headphone off.


  • Insert The Headphone into The CarryCase and connect to a power source via USB.
    This will automatically turn off The Headphone to ensure optimal charging conditions.

Automatic Power Down

In order to save as much power as possible, The Headphone has a built-in power saving mode that automatically activates when The Headphone is not in use.

If The Headphone has not re-connected to any external device via Bluetooth within 2 minutes after turning on The Headphone will power off.*
*With Audio Transparency enabled the power-down timeout is extended to 10 minutes.

If The Headphone loses the Bluetooth connection to the external device The Headphone will power down after 10 minutes.
Please note, if the Bluetooth connection to the Headphone is turned off manually, the power-down timeout is reduced to 2 minutes.


Sleep Mode

Your Headphone automatically goes into sleep mode when it is connected but not in use.

If no audio is playing The Headphone automatically goes into sleep mode and will wake up as soon as any audio input is detected. E.g. by pressing a button on The Headphone or starting music playback from your Phone.

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