The Headphone - Clean & Care for The Headphone

Even The Headphone needs some help from time to time.

The functionality of The Headphone can be affected by environmental influences. For example, The Headphone can be influenced by external materials such as dirt or ear wax. Are you experiencing decreased volume or sound quality of after a few days/weeks of usage? You can clean The Headphone by Using a Toothbrush. In doing so you’ll probably remove ear wax, or other external items from the speaker grill.


Clean The Headphone

  1. Remove The FitTips.
  2. To clean the body of your Headphone: Use a nonabrasive, preferably lint free/micro fibre, cloth or simply use your fingers .
  3. To clean the speaker grill: Use a soft toothbrush and carefully remove any ear wax or other external items from the speaker grill.
  4. IMPORTANT! Neither the CarryCase nor The Headphones themselves are waterproof so do not use any liquid to clean them.


Clean The FitTips and Lanyard

  1. Remove The FitTips and Lanyard and clean them separately using cold water and a gentle cleaner, such as mild soap, if needed.
  2. IMPORTANT! Make sure to dry everything before refitting them to your Headphone.


Clean The CarryCase and Cover

It is recommended to regularly clean and maintain the CarryCase to ensure that the MagSnap Mechanism can correctly connect to The Headphone.

  1. Use a nonabrasive preferably lint free/micro fibre cloth or simply your finger to clean the socket as well as MagSnap Connection Points.

  2. IMPORTANT! The CarryCase is neither waterproof or water resistant. Do not use water to clean the CarryCase as this may damage the MagSnap Mechanism or other vital components.


Keep The Headphone and FitTips clean and dry to maximise comfort and ensure long-term usage. We recommend that you always use The Cover to protect your Headphone during transport.

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