The Headphone - Voice Assistant

With The Headphone, you can access a lot of your phones features without having to remove it from your pocket or bag. Access the internet, prompt a search, or manage music playback by speaking to your smartphone’s voice assistant (e.g. Apple SIRI, GoogleNow, Microsoft Cortana).  


  1. To activate your smartphone’s voice assistant, hold the  button for 1 sec and release your finger when you hear the voice-activation sound.
  2. To end the voice assistant, hold the  for 1 sec and release your finger when you hear the voice-deactivation sound.

The quality of using this functionality is influenced by the ambient sound-level around you and requires a good seal and fit of The Headphone in your ear to deliver the best results. Learn more about how to insert The Headphone to the PerfectFit.

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