The Headphone - Headset Controls

While paired and connected with your smartphone The Headphone works as a Bluetooth headset and enables you to answer incoming phone calls without having to interact with your smartphone.*


Answer a call

When your phone is ringing, the right Headphone LED will flash rapidly while a ringtone is played back on The Headphone itself.

  1. To answer the call Press the  button once.


Reject & End a call

  1. Reject an incoming call or end an ongoing call by holding the  button for 1 sec until you hear the end-call sound.


Mute & Unmute an ongoing call

Mute and unmute can be toggled using the  button.

  1. Mute an ongoing call with a press on the  button. You will hear a mute sound and your Headphone microphone is now muted.
  2. To unmute the microphone, press the  button again. You will hear an un-mute sound.


Adjust the volume of a call

  1. Increase the volume by pressing the  button.
  2. Decrease the volume by pressing the  button. 


Transfer an ongoing call

While in a call, you can easily transfer a call from The Headphone to your smartphone and back.

  1. Double-Press the  button to transfer the call


*Android Users: Make sure that you are connected to "Call Audio" in your Bluetooth settings otherwise no call audio will be available. Select the cog wheel icon next to the »BRAGI HP ##« in your Bluetooth settings and make sure the »Call Audio« toggle is enabled.

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