The Headphone - Music Controls

Once an external device is connected to The Headphone, you can control audio playback (pause, play, previous and next song), as well as adjust the volume, with the buttons on The Headphone.

  • Play & Pause with a Press on 
  • Skip to next song with a Double Press on 
  • Skip to previous song with a Triple Press on  
Volume is adjusted by using the  and  buttons:
  • Increase Volume with a Press on  (button at front of interface when in your ear)
  • Decrease Volume with a Press on  (button at back of interface when in your ear)
The volume of your Headphone is synchronised with the volume of the connected device.* 



*Android users: Some Android devices do not support volume synchronisation. That means you can adjust volume independently on both your connected Android device as well as on the The Headphone. On these devices we recommend to set the phone volume to maximum so you have the freedom to adjust the full possible volume range directly on your Headphone.

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