The Headphone - Charge the device

Out of the box your Headphone needs to be charged to be activated. We recommend that you fully charge it before your first use. Follow these steps to ensure that your Headphone is correctly placed in the Carry Case and capable of charging:


  1. Make sure both the Right and Left Headphone are placed correctly on the MagSnap in the Carry Case. 
  2. To start charging, use the USB cable to connect the Carry Case to a wall charger or a USB port on your computer.
  3. When charging, the LEDs on The Headphone will BLINK.
    As soon as either side is fully charged the LED will stay ON.  
  4. The Headphone is fully charged when both left and right LEDs are constantly ON.


It only takes 60 minutes to get your headset 80% charged. A full charge takes approximately 80 minutes. 


The Carry Case

  • The Carry Case is not a standalone charger and it needs to be connected to power via USB for The Headphone to be able to charge.
  • The Carry Case is not compatible with The Dash.
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