The Headphone - Button Interface


The buttons on The Headphone give you access to all of its functionality directly from your ear.  With a Press or a Hold, you can control the volume, answer phone calls, start/stop music streaming, and turn Audio Transparency on or off.


Button Description

The buttons are operated by the use of simple Press and Hold gestures.

The  button is used to turn The Headphone on/off, enter pairing mode and control music playback and headset functionality.

The  and  button control volume & Audio Transparency.


Button Press
A Press is a short press with an almost immediate release on any of the buttons.
Variations of the Press include Double and Triple Press.


Button Hold
A Hold is a continous press (and hold) on any of the buttons.
Variations of this gesture include a Hold for 1 sec or a Long Hold for 3 secs.

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