The Headphone - Insert to a PerfectFit

To receive the highest quality of audio playback, as well as to be best understood when speaking through the EarBone Microphone during phone calls, you need to make sure you are achieving a complete seal of your ear canal with the tip of The Headphone.  You do this by using the best size FitTip for your ear canal, giving you the PerfectFit.   


The FitTips

The Headphone comes with two silicone FitTips in Small and Medium (S, M) and a one-sized Comply foam FitTip.



To ensure a PerfectFit, follow these steps:

  1. Tilt The Headphone slightly forward and insert the speaker tip into your ear.
  2. Adjust the fit by rotating it backwards until you feel a comfortable and secure fit.
  3. With the PerfectFit you should feel The Headphone completely sealing your ear canal while it sits snugly in your ear with a 3-point secure fit, as shown in the diagram below.


If you have a poor seal of the ear canal, your audio may lack bass and sound tinny. We strongly recommend that you try the different sizes of the FitTips to find the size that gives you a PerfectFit.
The Headphone is also fully compatible with the FitSleeves used for The Dash.


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